What is the HOB+ Enrichment Program?

The HOB+ Enrichment Program (HOB+) is an educational and enrichment program for diverse homeschooling families located in Fauquier, Stafford, Culpeper, Orange, and the surrounding counties.  HOB+ Enrichment Program is open to all new and current HOB+ members.  By enrolling in the HOB+ Enrichment Program you will also have full access to all HOB+ co-op events, clubs, field trips, playgroups, support, and activities!


Mission Statement

The HOB+ Enrichment Program’s mission is to provide an educational, enriching, and nurturing environment where students can come together to participate in group classes.  This was created to assist in providing supplementation and enrichment to your student’s education, and to encourage connections within the homeschooling community.


Statement of Purpose

1. To teach our children responsibility, respect, and cooperation.

2. To provide group educational opportunities.

3. To share educational successes and failures with each other.
4. To encourage, fun and safe social opportunities for the homeschool community.

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