Enrollment & Registration

Enrollment in HOB+ Enrichment Program is established when the registration form has been submitted, the registration and supply fees have been paid, and the membership/registration packet including all required forms with the appropriate signatures have been received. Registration is done on a first come, first served basis.

  1. Enrolled students from the previous year are offered enrollment first.

  2. Next, current HOB members can enroll.

  3. Last, enrollment is opened to the wider community.


Classes are capped for enrollment and have a minimum enrollment requirement. HOB+ reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. Cancelled classes due to low enrollment will be determined on August 18th, 2023.  Enrolled families will be notified at the time via email.


Should HOB+ have to close enrollment due to maximums being met, students may be put on a waiting list and invited to fill vacated spots at the discretion of instructor.


***A Waiver and Medical Release Form signed by the parent is required for each student to participate in the classes. Registration WILL NOT be complete without properly completed forms.


Registration and Supply Fees

A nonrefundable registration fee of $90.00 per family is due by August 1, 2023 to assure your family’s participation in HOB+ Enrichment Program. This fee covers insurance, facility use, cleaning, and administrative fees.  We will accept late registrations if there is space available.


Instructor supply fees are non-refundable and required by August 1st of each calendar school year.


Payment for Classes

Parents can pay for classes in two ways:


  1. Pay instructors in full at the beginning of the school year.

  2. Pay in monthly installments due the first Friday of each month.

    Checks should be made out to the instructor and left in the instructor’s folder at the welcome table.  Cash must be placed in an envelope labeled with the instructor’s name, student’s name, and class.


Refund Policy

Registration and supply fees are non-refundable. If a student chooses to withdraw from a class by the third week of September, only the September monthly class fee is required.   


Late Additions

If you are joining HOB+ mid-semester, check with the individual instructors. Late additions to classes are at their discretion. However, foreign language classes close to additional students on Week 3 of the first semester.



It will be the instructors’ responsibility to procure a substitute from our Substitute List if s/he is not able to teach a class. All instructors should have emergency substitute plans prepared and on file at HOB+ Headquarters. All substitutes must have a background check performed and attend the required BBC safety class to be approved by HOB+.


Instructor and Co-op Volunteer Requirements

1. All instructors, substitutes, playground monitors must pass a background check. The cost of the background check is: $15.00

2. Instructors are responsible for collecting payments from their students’ families. If you are having issues collecting payments from a family, please contact the HOB+ Leadership Team.


3.  We are a completely volunteer run co-op. As such, everyone is required to contribute assistance some way or another. Upon registration, families will be required to select at least 1 way to help the HOB+ Enrichment Program run smoothly.  (BC) means additional $15.00 background check required (YSW) means that younger siblings are welcomed.  
*Will need to attend occasional HOB+ Enrichment Program meetings.

*Enrichment Class Instructor (BC)

Substitute Teacher (as needed) (BC)

Recess Monitor (1x per month) (YSW) (BC)

Afternoon Clean Up (1x per month) (YSW)

*Special Events Coordinator (Pizza Day, Spirit Day, Parties) (YSW)

*Communications Director (as needed) (YSW)

Morning Set Up (1x per month)



What is the HOB+ Enrichment Program all about?

The HOB+ Enrichment Program (HOB+) is an educational and enrichment program for diverse homeschooling families located in Fauquier, Stafford, Culpeper, Orange, and the surrounding counties.  HOB+ Enrichment Program is open to all new and current HOB+ members.  By enrolling in the HOB+ Enrichment Program you will also have full access to all HOB+ co-op events, clubs, field trips, playgroups, support, and activities!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide an educational, enriching, and nurturing environment where students can come together to participate in group classes. HOB+ Enrichment Program was created to assist in providing supplementation and enrichment to your student’s education, and to encourage connections within the homeschooling community.

Statement of Purpose

1. To teach our children responsibility, respect, and cooperation.
2. To provide group educational opportunities.
3. To share educational successes and failures with each other.
4. To encourage, fun and safe social opportunities for the homeschool community.



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