Homeschoolers of Bealeton (HOB) is a support system for homeschooling families located in Bealeton, Virginia and serving Fauquier County and the surrounding areas. Members are invited to share their ideas, events, achievements, support, encouragement and resources in an ALL INCLUSIVE group.

HOB offers events and field trips (both local and distance) to its members, as well as an extensive Lending Library with many hard to find resources.

  ​One of our goals is to provide social opportunities to connect many of the homeschool children in our county and to encourage lasting friendships and long term interactions with each other.  

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History of HOB
Homeschoolers of Bealeton was started in February, 2014 by Laura Lombardo and Maggie Smith as a Facebook group to try to find other local homeschoolers for her children to interact with.  Her family was feeling lonely and isolated in Fauquier County due to a lack of homeschool connections.

Within 24 hours of starting the group 16 people joined.  One week later we had 26 people.  By the end of the first month 39 families had joined the Facebook group.  Field trips, playdates and social opportunities began to flourish...and by the end of year 2 the need for Clubs and Enrichment Classes had formed.

HOB tries to fill as many homeschooling gaps as we can in Fauquier County and the surrounding area by providing, social opportunities, field trip, special events, resources and support.  

HOB is volunteer run and all inclusive.  We are always ready to welcome new friends to join our village.